We have built a small but solid herd of Huacaya alpaca. We have incorporated some special bloodlines and breed for compact and fine animals with commercial fleeces

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Breeding alpacas is wonderful. We love to share our stories, experience and knowledge

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Do you want to meet our alpacas? Why not visit our farm and walk the alpacas in the beautiful nature of 'Drenthe'

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Meet the Hamstra family

AlpacaOord is the story of the Hamstra family from The Netherlands.

We are Peter & Yvonne Hamstra, and our sons Mark & Kevin.

We have been breeding huacaya alpacas for approximately 10 years. We breed alpacas for fun and try to optimise our breeding programme.

We have all taken lots of courses throughout the years and specialised in our own area. We have taken expert classes in animal training, handling, judging, neonatal care, shearing and parasite management. We are experienced in shearing and husbandry.

On this english version of our website you'll find information on the international services Kevin offers. This includes shearing, international alpaca transport and husbandry services.

We have the best hobby in the world! As a family, we run a small alpacafarm with on average 15 animals. We are not an animal trader, nor are we a commercial breeder. We have a clear breeding goal, for raising high-quality alpacas which are fun to handle and care for. We take pride in haltertraining our animals and even engage in clickertraining and walking with some of the wethers!

We have all trained in CameliDynamics, and are active members of the AAB and BAS. All are animals are microchipped and registered with the AAB.

We offer a bespoke shearing service, geared towards a stressfree experience for the animals and handlers. Our focus is on the north-east of the Netherlands, but we can work anywhere in Europe. In the 2016 shearing season we expect to provide our services in five countries. Please do get in touch as early in the season as possible if you would like us to come to your farm