We appreciate alpaca transport is a special service. You want your animals to travel in style, as quickly and safe as possible. Animal diseases, local and european regulations all complicate the matter.

Kevin is available to operate your alpaca transport. Only dedicated loads, so your animals will not share the loading space with alpacas from other farms. All permits and paperwork for this special Mercedes Vito alpaca-van are available.

We can comfortably transport multiple adult alpacas in two compartments. So yes, we can take mixed groups. For bigger groups, we can also bring a stocktrailer.

Our main concerns in transporting your animals are: Biosecurity, Animal safety, Animal comfort and Speed. As we only operate dedicated loads, we can always deliver your animals directly from A to B. No de-tours around other farms.

We have to meet Netherlands regulations for Cleansing & Desinfection. These are stricter than the respective EU regulations. Basically this means the vehicle will be completely cleansed and desinfected between each load. We would also kindly request to use your (jetwash) water supply when we unload at your farm to clean the vehicle. We will then make our way to the nearest government approved Clean&Desinfect washplace for a full cleanse.
When we leave any farm, we will desinfect our boots and tyres.

We are always able to give a competitive quote for your transport. Please send us an email with details of your transport (pickup location, delivery location, period). We will then reply with a global cost outline.
When approved, we will be able to schedule a date and supply a formal quote.

TIP: from sept-15 until mar-16, i will be based in Yeovil, UK. This means I can provide even more cost-efficient transfers in the UK as well as very affordable export services to mainland Europe. Prices from 150GBP per animal, and varies by date, distances and the animalgroup.

Some things to remember:

  • We are legally allowed to load and unload animals on multiple locations. But we will only take animals from or to one farm. 
    • When exporting animals to the Netherlands, Dutch legislation states we should always unload all animals on one farm only.
  • Unless otherwise specified, rates are exclusive of tolls, ferry charges, congestion charges, vignettes, customs charges etc. 
  • You will have to supply the animals paperwork, such as export documents, health certificates, testresults etc. 
    We will not carry animals without the necessary paperwork
    We will not carry animals who are not in sufficient condition to be transportd
  • Please take out your own transit-insurance for your animals.
  • Our terms and conditions apply on all orders. These are available on our website - For legal reasons, these are only available in Dutch. We would be more than happy to discuss our T&C's with you should google translate not provide the necessary clarifications.